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AMWC Americas embraces brilliant ideas and individuals who are paving the way forward in medical aesthetics. To further celebrate and foster a creative, open atmosphere you are invited to participate in the AMWC Americas Maverick Awards.

Attendees recognize one speaker in each scientific session whose ideas and presentation are the most progressive, out of the box, and likely to make a lasting impact on medical aesthetics for years to come. This will be done through electronic audience polling, and moderators will announce the AMWC Americas Maverick winner in every session. Each of these luminaries will be presented with a token gift, announced in the AMWC app, highlighted in The Aesthetic Guide, and his/her idea will be archived for years to come. You select who will be crowned an AMWC Americas Maverick!

Congratulations to the 2024 Recipients

Noury Adel, MD

LIP BOOSTING: Therapeutic Treatment for Dry Lips Using Skin Boosters & PDO Smooth Threads

Shino Bay Aguilera, DO

Cell Talk - The Power of Exosomal Communication
Polynucleotides for around the eyes and My 3 Point Hyperdiluted Radiesse Technique for the Face

Kashif Ali, MD

Pigmentation in Skin of Color and Treatment
 Rich Blend - A Novel Technique to Biostimulate and Rejuvenate Facial Contours

Kristina Davidovic, MD, PhD

Full Face and Neck Toxin Glow

Carolyn DeLucia, MD

Safety and Efficacy of the Novel Radiofrequency Device for the Treatment of Vaginal Laxity and Sexual Function: Preliminary Analysis

Rodolfo Gonzalez, MD

Nanofat Treatment: How I Do It!

Nicole Hayre, MD

Pneumatic Delivery Technology

Kristen Jacobs, MD

Creating an Innovative, Holistic Treatment Plan Focusing on Healthy Aging

Bob Khanna, BDS

The Use of Non-Thermal Laser Technology (NTLT) in Aesthetic Medicine

Amy Lewis, MD

Injection with NASHA Fillers with the Fern Pattern Technique for Facial Rejuvenation and Dermal Strengthening

Audrey Neff

Patient Retention is King: Building a Membership Program in Your Practice

Robin Ntoh

Empowering Patient Experience: Utilizing Technology and Automation to Address Staffing Hurdles

Andrew Paul

Signature Moves and Why They Make Brands Stand Out in a Crowd

Maria del Pilar Reyes Aguero, MD

Celebrating Authenticity: Aesthetic Treatments in the Gender Transition
Successful Hair Restoration on Bald Patients With Bio-Revitalization

Jared Rohrer

Mastering Your Digital Sales Funnel: Your Key to a Fully Booked Practice

Audrey Rose

Body Contouring with Neuromodulators

Maia O. Siciliano, MD

Integral Female Biostimulation From Head to Toe Through the Use of PLLA: Face, Neck, Neckline, Arms, Abdomen, Vulva and Vagina

Robyn Siperstein, MD

3D Transformations with Energy-Based Devices and Injectables

Aris Sterodimas, MD

Scarless Mastopexy: The Use of Fat Grafting Enriched with Culture-Expanded ADSCs in Combination with a Helium Plasma Device for Breast Augmentation

Mark Tager, MD

Optimizing the Gut-Brain-Skin Axis

 Cécile Winter, MD

How to Prevent Facial Aging with a Minimum of Injections

Arthur Yu, MD

Optimization of PDO Thread Facelift from a Plastic Surgeon's Perspective

2023 Recipients

Gregory Chernoff, MD

Jessie Cheung, MD

Natalie Curcio, MD

Kristina Davidovic, MD

Derrick DeSilva, MD

Rodolfo Gonzalez, MD

Michelle Henry, MD

John Joseph, MD

Saami Khalifian, MD

Ting Song Lim, MD

Kateryn Perez-Willis, MD

Alexander Rivkin, MD

Robyn Siperstein, MD

Jake Sloane, MD

Hildemaro Villasmil, MD

Cecile Winter, MD